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Quick Overview

The F53 is an ideal banknote dispenser it offers features usually found only in more expensive units. It is the best-in-class bill dispenser designed exclusively for the OEM market. With over 80,000 units installed in self-checkout, kiosks and ATMs, the Fujitsu F53 bill dispenser is in a league by itself. Four of the top five self-checkout providers in the world have chosen to deploy the F53 bill dispenser. Why- its legendary Fujitsu reliability and flexibility.

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Multiple features make the F53 be able to change the vision that you have regarding the disbursement of cash.

It can be configured with 2 or 6 boxes, each one personalized with a padlock to make the transport safer.

Each cassette can be manually adapted to contain and dispense different types of currencies. The F53 has filling sensors that let you know how many banknotes are present in the boxes. These sensors also communicate with the owner, or with the customer when they need to be replaced before failing in their function.

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– Highest flexibility in delivery/transport options allows multitude of delivery options including through-the-wall or tray delivery

– Semi-bunch delivery option and bunch presentation combined, simplifies user interface design

– Onboard and remote diagnostics tools for quickly diagnosing and resolving issues.

– 1,000 note additional denomination module option lowers overall cost for larger capacity applications

– Flexible design protects OEM investment by providing the maximum number of application possibilities.


– Best-in-class bill dispenser in self-checkout systems and kiosks

– Can be configured for front or rear service

– Multiple delivery options, semi-bunch, tray, bulk or custom transports

– 2-6 denomination support; field upgradeable

– USB or RS232 interface for easy integration

Additional Information

Additional Information

Dimensions 2-Denominations (W x D x H)

– 160mm x 351mm x 330mm

Weight w/o media

 – 8.5kg cassette 0.7kg

Maximum Capacity per Cassette

– 500 new notes (approx.*) 60mm

Maximum Dispense

– 20 notes per transaction

Service Area

– Front and side service access

Number of Cassettes

– 2 standard, up to 6 optional

Reject Area Capacity

– 20 notes

Acceptable Media Range

– Max. (mm) 82mm x 160mm

– Mín. (mm) 60mm x 120mm

Thickness (mm)

– 0.09 ~ 0.3

Processing Speed

– 2 notes per second

Interface Specifications

– RS232C or USB

Electrical Reuirements

– DC +24V +/- 10% Avg. 4A Peak7A


– Operation: 0°C - 40°C

– Stop State:-5°C - 50°C

Relative Humidity

– Operation: 10% - 95%

– Stop State: 8% - 95%

RoHS Compliance

– Yes

UL/TUV Compliance

– Yes

Customization option

– Shutter, safety rejection area, security door


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