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Quick Overview

The IR-TOUCH products are based on infrared technology: its operation is done by putting your finger on the screen. The user thus interrupts some horizontal and some vertical beams, thus allowing the identification of the coordinates in which the “contact” occurs. This technology makes the touch screen of the IR-TOUCH highly accurate with a high processing speed, high stability, long life without maintenance and many other features. IR-TOUCH also developed many models for different needs for different sectors. With the increase of multi-touch applications, IR-TOUCH also releases products that can support multiple systems.

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For different sizes and models please contact us we will be happy to provide you with them.


– High Transparency

– Vandal-proof, Scratch-proof, Dust-proof

– Support zoom in and zoom out gesture

– Integrated controller

– Maintenance free, long lifetime

– Fault tolerance design to ensure reliability

– Various touch objects

– Wide power range 

Additional Information

Additional Information
Mechanical Specifications

Input Method
Finger, gloved hand, or any other opaque stylus
Touch technology
Infrared rays interception detection, no special surface coatings
Available size
3mm tempered glass
Luminous transmission
>88% with glass 
Shell Material
Top Shell: Polycarbonate(PC), Bottom Shell: SGCC ①
Touch durability
Touch Activation Force
No pressure required
Electrical Specifications

Controller reported resolution
Touch accuracy
Touch stylus diameter
Output form
Coordinate output
Simple four-point calibration, no drift
Response Speed
Power requirements
DC5V±10% @Max 500mA
Power consumption
0.5~01W, typical at +5VDC.
How to supply it
USB from powered hub
Interface Specifications

Interface Type
Plug and Play
Plug and play and HID compatible
Connector Type
A type, 
Environmental Specifications
Relative Humidity
Operating:20%-90% RH, 40℃ non-condensing
Storage:20%-90% RH, 40℃ non-condensing
Electrostatic Protection
Per EN61000-4-2 2008: Level 3. Contact discharge ±4kV, air discharge ±8 kV on USB connector pins
Can be sealed to meet IP65 standards for the front panel (With Glass)
Software Specifications

Scanning Form
Auto Start, Always Scanning
Movement Mode
Input Point, Finishing Point, Following, Continuous Detection
Firmware Upgrade
Firmware can be upgraded from USB
Driver software
No software required. Works with Windows native HID mouse driver, IRTOUCH Driver provides additional utilities. (Only HID product)
Touch Functions
Mouse(Click, drag, double-click, right-click) on all operating systems listed below and support zoom in and zoom out gesture on Windows 7 and the latest versions
Simple one-time four-point calibration, no drift
Split, Dual, Multi-Monitor and stretch Mode support
Operating systems
Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Linux, Mac OS X, Android OS,03PE, WIN7PE.
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