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Quick Overview

The Fujitsu F510 is one of the most advanced media dispensers on the market today, with the speed, capacity, reliability, and advanced diagnostics for your most demanding environments. Other high-end features on the F510 include a customer- adjustable bill low and denomination sensors to ensure that you have cash at peak times and dispensing the correct denomination to your customers. In addition, the sensors on the F510 can alert your customers or service organization when they need to be replaced before they fail and cost you downtime.

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At seven notes per second, the F510 is one of the fastest cash dispensers in the industry. The unit is expandable up to six cassettes, with each cassette capable of supporting up to 3,000 new notes. With a total capacity of 18,000 new notes, it is the solution for high-volume locations. The multimedia-capable F510 can dispense postage stamps, coupons, pre-paid phone cards or other specialized media, making it one of the most flexible dispensers in the industry.

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– Adjustable bill low sensor in each cassette permits deployer to set the level for their unique requirements

– Reject bill area in top cassette allows for the maximum number of cassettes flexibility in the limited amount of vertical space.

– Each cassette can reliably dispense mixed new and used and paper and polymer notes

– Self-monitoring sensors can communicate imminent problem allowing them to be replaced before a failure

– Target applications include high-end ATMs, bill breakers, bill payment kiosks, teller assist units, gaming and media dispensers, etc.


– Front, rear or dual service to satisfy any installation environment

– Pool/Bulk Presenter

– Onboard and remote diagnostics tools for quickly diagnosing and resolving issues

– Configurable for 1-6 cassettes; field upgradeable

– Highest capacities (up to 18,000 new notes*) for most demanding high-volume cash dispensing environments

Additional Information

Additional Information

Dimensions 2-Denominations (W x D x H)

– 280mm x 763mm x 405mm

Weight w/o media

– 72kg cassette

Maximum Capacity per Cassette

– 3,000 new notes (approx.)* 370mm

Maximum Dispense

– 60 notes per transaction

Service Area

– Front, rear or dual

Number of Cassettes

– 1-6 cassettes

Reject Area Capacity

– 150 notes

Acceptable Media Range

– Max. (mm) 82mm x 172mm

– Mín. (mm) 60mm x 120mm

Thickness (mm)

– 0.07 ~ 0.3

Processing Speed

– 7 notes per second

Interface Specifications

– RS232C

Electrical Requirements

– DC +24V +/- 10% Avg. 4A Peak 10A


– Operation: 0°C - 40°C

– Stop State:-5°C - 50°C

Relative Humidity

– Operation: 10% - 85%

– Stop State: 8% - 95%

RoHS Compliance

– Yes

UL Compliance

– Yes


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