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  1. FUJITSU F510

    The Fujitsu F510 is one of the most advanced media dispensers on the market today, with the speed, capacity, reliability, and advanced diagnostics for your most demanding environments. Other high-end features on the F510 include a customer- adjustable bill low and denomination sensors to ensure that you have cash at peak times and dispensing the correct denomination to your customers. In addition, the sensors on the F510 can alert your customers or service organization when they need to be replaced before they fail and cost you downtime.


    The F53 is an ideal banknote dispenser it offers features usually found only in more expensive units. It is the best-in-class bill dispenser designed exclusively for the OEM market. With over 80,000 units installed in self-checkout, kiosks and ATMs, the Fujitsu F53 bill dispenser is in a league by itself. Four of the top five self-checkout providers in the world have chosen to deploy the F53 bill dispenser. Why- its legendary Fujitsu reliability and flexibility.


    The F56 is an ideal banknote dispenser for checkout functions, kiosks, and ATMs. It offers features usually found only in more expensive units.

    The F56 offers many features usually found only on more expensive units. It can be configured to be serviced from the front or rear making installation and integration by OEMs a snap. And with multiple delivery options like semi-bunch, presenter, bulk transports, and custom transports, it allows deployers to customize and differentiate their cash delivery programs.

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3 Item(s)